The Homebrew Headquarters came about as a result of us teaching homebrewing to our friends and family. We began to realize how much we enjoyed sharing our brewing knowledge with others. We decided it was time to organize our lessons in a more useful manner. That’s what we try to provide; basic brewing lessons in an intuitive format for everyone. We are here to teach you how to make beer at home with our free basic brewing course and articles on various brewing techniques. We want to share our passion for brewing great beer with you.

Arick Hopper
Home Brewer

Arick is an avid homebrewer and craft beer drinker. His passion is teaching homebrewing to everyone. Arick is convinced that the best craft beer in existence can be made in the comfort of your own home. His IPA is a testament to that faith.

Cynthia Cooper 
Home Brewer

Cynthia Cooper wants to live in a world where music, friendship, and brewing are enjoyed and creativity flows freely. When she’s not fiddling away on a new project you can find her brewing beer, exploring fitness adventures, and defeating Wookie’s in games of Dejarik.