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A free crash course on how to make beer. This course is designed for new brewers who want to get started through formalized training. So what does it take to start brewing awesome beer at home?

The basic process is simple


Crushed, malted, barley is steeped in hot water to release malt sugars and flavor compounds.


This resulting sugar water, called wort, is boiled with hops to add bitterness and flavor.


The wort is cooled and the yeast is added to begin fermentation.


The yeast consume the sugars and expel alcohol and CO2 gas.


The fermented beer can be bottled with sugar or kegged and put under pressure with CO2 to carbonate.


Enjoy your beer!

Doesn’t sound too difficult, right?

Well, each of those steps has rather a lot more detail and we can walk you through them. 


Like anything technical, brewing has it’s own language. We will try to present the terms as simply as possible. Brewing terms will be highlighted, if you don’t know what a term means, simply click on it and a dialog box with the definition will pop out.


Homebrewing requires some specific equipment. We will walk you through each piece of equipment, detailing its purpose and what to consider when choosing your brewing arsenal.


Learn to read and use brewing recipes as well as create your own recipes. You will also learn about ingredients. We will guide you in choosing your first recipe and purchasing your ingredients.

Cleaning and Sanitation

Far and away the single most important part of the brewing process. We will teach you the easiest way to keep everything clean and sanitary.


Brewing begins here. You will learn how to extract the sugars and flavor compounds from malted barley to make wort.


This is the part most people think of when they think brewing. You will learn when and how to add hops to your wort to give it the right balance of maltiness and bitterness.


Here you learn the importance of cooling your beer quickly and the best methods to do so.


You will learn all about the science of fermentation, where yeast turn wort into beer.


Learn to bottle or keg your beer. This is often an overlooked portion of brewing, but it is vitally important as it is the last step before you get to enjoy your beer

What to do next

Here is where we introduce you to some extra stuff that isn’t absolutely required, but can make brewing easier and more enjoyable

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