Home Brewing Glossary

Adjunct Grain: Grain other than barley used in the mash. These include; corn, rice, oats, wheat, rye, sorghum, and other cereal grains.

Airlock: A device that allows co2 gas to escape the fermentor, while keeping air and other contaminates out.

Boil: The process by which wort is heated to boiling to sterilize, coagulate or denature proteins from the mash, and isomerize alpha acids. The boil is usually said to have begun when you see the hot break beginning to form. Hops and other additions are typically added during the boil.


Boil Time: The boil runs on a schedule, typically 60 to 90 mins long. Most recipes list additions added at a specific boil time in minutes left in the boil. Example: 0.50 oz – Mosaic – Boil 15 mins. This indicates that ½ oz of Mosaic hops are to be added to the boil when there are 15 mins left in the boil time.